• Vicki McDermitt

What a Show!

On March 19th we performed a concert at the MIM Musical Theater here in Phoenix. It was a tribute to The Great American Songbook and God blessed us with a sold out auditorium.  We recorded the live performance and are now in the process of creating a new CD from the show.

All proceeds will go directly to our work in Belarus and it will be called “To Belarus With Love”.

If you were there, thank you for coming and know that you will receive your copy as soon as it is pressed. If you missed it, you can order a copy soon…

I'm so excited to create music that has a mission. I love knowing that when people purchase this CD, they can enjoy the music while playing a part in life-changing humanitarian aid.

All proceeds from the sale of the “To Belarus with Love” LIVE CD will provide humanitarian aid to children in Belarus. For more information about our humanitarian aid to the children of Belarus CLICK HERE!

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