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Music on a Mission! (1) Sasha's Shelter, Belarus 2018

Homeless man in Shelter
Caring for the Homeless in Belarus

Thursday May 17

Today we visited long time friend Sasha Chernitsky as he cares for the homeless of Belarus.

You can follow him directly on FB if you are interested in more details. He is an amazing artist and humanitarian who’s been committed to the homeless of his city for over twenty years.

We start with a tour of the building to see how things have changed. I’m always amazed at the improvements he’s made every time I come back. The kitchen has been moved, and a clothing room added to provide clothing for families in need. He works tirelessly with Kozovaya to make things better.

After greetings, Sasha asked for a song to start the meal. Even though we cannot understand each other, it’s always amazing to me how music opens doors and connects people at a heart level. I saw folks I have known since 2011. One of those people is our friend Valentina who is still coming but has had an accident leaving nerve damage causing her to lose the use if her arms. She walks quite a distance to get here and then is fed by the volunteers. She has a small flat and her elderly neighbor helps her when she is home but other than her neighbor and the shelter, she has no one and certainly not enough food. Her attitude is always sunny despite the difficult situation she is in.

She is truly an example of one who trusts God, I want to be more like Valentina.

Thanks for traveling with me!

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