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A Warmer Winter Ahead...

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hi Friends,

I recently returned from what was an overwhelming trip to Belarus! Overwhelming in the best possible way!

As many of you know, this trip brought warm winter shoes to cold feet before the onset of the winter season. Check!

I can't explain how much fun it was to see a big pile of shoes and boots and then watch one of our foster families pick out their shoes from the stack. They had already been fitted and had chosen the footwear themselves, but they wanted me to see the shoes they purchased, all at once. It was so much fun!!!

Your generosity made this possible, and I wish you could have been with me to see the happy feet… I mean, faces!

The next treat happened during my visit to The Ushachi Hospital.

I'm sure you remember our last project there was to purchase new beds, mattresses, cribs, sheets, blankets, spreads, two refrigerators, two breathing machines, bedside stands and, a TV for the children's wing.

When I visited in February, I had hoped to see our purchases in use, but as is common in that part of the world, the funds were still hung up in the customs process. I was notified when everything finally arrived but have been waiting to see it all with my own eyes and my photographer.

WELL, I got to see everything and more!

Everything in the rooms is new! There are bright sheets with designs from Roses, to ducks, giraffes to dump trucks. The rooms actually look happy! 😀

When I first visited in 2011, it was a dreary dark place and completely broken down. With your help, we have worked to make many changes. Little by little, it is becoming a safe and comforting place for sick kids. The difference is breathtaking, and I must say the view brought tears to my eyes.

Dr. Sergei had a little money left after the furniture purchases and bought enough paint to cover the inside of each room on the children's wing. The other doctors, nurses, and technicians stayed late and came in on their day off to help get the painting done before the delivery of the new furniture.

The good doctor stood back and watched for my expression when I first walked down the hall. He was so proud of what they had been able to accomplish with our help.

Now you know why I love these people so much.

I cannot thank you enough on their behalf. There are not enough pictures to make you understand the impact of your gifts and the value of your continued prayers for these people and this outreach as we continue to seek God's direction in Belarus. There are more stories from this trip coming soon!

Blessings to you~


Music on a Mission serves to provide hope and tangible goods to the children and needy people of Belarus. If you'd like to support our humanitarian efforts in Belarus, please click here!

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