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Music on a Mission! Getting Home and Back To It

Home again and back to work - Music on a Mission!

The day after visiting Osipovichi, I packed up my things and headed for the closing meeting with Kozovaya. She usually cooks an amazing meal at her flat, including her whole family, Lydia, Helen and me. This year I insisted on going to a restaurant because Katya, her daughter, was getting married in Crete and she needed to get packed for the trip. Even the hardest working woman in Belarus has to have a break!

First, we discussed the institutions we visited and possible projects for the future. Then we just enjoyed the evening. I love these people and am always so amazed at their openhearted way. I leave them reluctantly. They hold a huge piece of my heart. ♥

The morning comes way too early, and I crawled into the taxi at 3:00 am. The driver was delightful and passed the time by practicing his English on me. My plane left at about 5:45 am, and then the twenty-two-hour trip home began. I flew to Frankfurt, caught a flight to Chicago, and then home to Phoenix. I was so glad to see Richard driving up in my truck! I was ready to be back.

With the ten hour time difference, my brain was pretty mushy for a couple of days, but it's lovely to slowly work my way through days of meeting new friends, singing, giving gifts, hugging kids and being with the amazing people who selflessly serve the needy people of Belarus.

As I recall each face, I ask God to show me what we are to do next. I know He will make it clear in His time.

I will let you know what is coming next…it’s going to be exciting!


If you haven’t heard, we produced a CD from my recent live concert at the MIM called

To Belarus With Love”. It’s classic jazz from the Great American Songbook, and all proceeds go to projects in Belarus. Great music for a great cause…Music On A Mission!

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