• Vicki McDermitt

Music on a Mission! (4) Jet-Lag, Downtown Minsk and an Impromptu Interview

Saturday morning I woke up, looked at the clock, decided to stay in bed a few more minutes, and woke up three hours later. — Sounds like a little jet lag!

Anyway, I worked the rest of the morning and then met Helen, our brilliant translator and traveled to a church where I was to sing a couple of songs. It's always good to visit the local churches. The people are warm and gracious to outsiders. They fed me, of course, and we were on our way.

We drove to the Belarusian National Art Museum in downtown Minsk to see an annual event where the museum stays open until midnight. There were drawing classes, live music, lectures, and hands-on demonstrations offered for both children and adults. The Belarusians have great respect for the arts and came out in full force.

Oleg, our photographer extraordinaire was with us, and when he's around, you can bet something will happen. Before I knew it, he had a reporter standing in front of me asking for an interview. You see he had told them a famous American jazz singer was with him and that they should speak with her. After multiple attempts to say no, I did an interview that was aired five times over the next couple of days. Way to go Oleg!

Thanks for traveling with me


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