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Music on a Mission! (2) Stopping By The Church Of St. Nikolis

On the way to Ushachi Hospital we pass by one of my favorite places, The Church Of St. Nikolis. This little church is Kozovaya’s dream come true in her home village. We stop to see how the work is coming along and are amazed at how much has changed since my last visit.

The pavers you helped us purchase to keep church visitors out of the mud, are all in place. Grass, trees and flowers are planted, and the fence is finished helping to secure the property. It is absolutely beautiful and is serving the local community (Kozovaya proudly tells me there have been three baptisms). Of course, Kozovaya and I had to go up to the bell tower and hear the bells. They are still loud and pealing beautifully. What a blessing to see this little church honoring God and caring for His people.



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