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What Your Generosity Has Done

Belarus Update:

Hi Friends,

I’m excited to share what your generosity has accomplished in Belarus.

Things often move so fast; we forget what has just happened as we move on to the next thing. It’s good to stop and remember what God has done in 2017 as we are busy working on our current projects.


2017 was a big year to do important work for our friends at Ushachi hospital starting in the kitchen. A lot of equipment was beyond repair and some unusable in this constantly busy area.

We started the year off with a bang by purchasing new stoves and sinks, then a complete set of commercial-grade pots and pans, kitchen and serving utensils, meat grinders and knives. In the fall you made it possible to purchase all new windows to replace original windows that would no longer close throughout the kitchen. The doctors and kitchen workers could not be more grateful.

In early summer we saw the completion of a project we started working on two years ago. The child-sized endoscope was finally delivered to the hospital after two months in a warehouse, two more on a ship, and another in customs. This gift is invaluable to the doctors at the hospital who have had to send kids 125 miles down the road to get a diagnosis without it. I cannot tell you how grateful they are to be able to offer proper care to children in distress.


With your help, the much-needed washer and dryer were purchased and then we discovered that if we bought a large freezer, a local hunter would provide Elk to help feed this extraordinary family. You came through again and now they have meat during the winter.

You responded yet again when I requested help, after Helen, (our translator) discovered that the Bokumenko’s had lost quite a bit of their garden due to an early frost. It is so much more than a disappointment when you depend on the garden to feed so many. Your generosity provided a very large greenhouse structure that they erected in the field to protect the more fragile vegetables and plants. They were ecstatic with the gifts as you can see from the pics.


We continue to provide ongoing financial help to build out this fixed location Sasha has rented to feed the homeless in Minsk. He has served food year-round for twenty years from a tent. Your support also helps provide ongoing food purchases. The homeless have a place they can come inside, sit down, be warm and eat delicious, healthy food.


We continue to provide ongoing financial support for the office needs of Ludmila Kozovaya and her assistant Lydia Danielevna as they work tirelessly to help us help their people as well as navigate us through challenging political environment that is Belarus.

Thank you! Thank you, for your prayers and support, and we look forward to seeing what God will do as we continue to follow him.

P.S. I’m leaving for Belarus on the 15th. Please pray for me as I listen for God’s voice as I go.



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