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Could your love create a hospital "happy place"?

Updated: Feb 12

Hi Friends,

I just received this email from our friend Doug Brendel who provides humanitarian aid to Belarus and who introduced me to this amazing country.

I was unable to travel to Belarus for the  arrival of the endoscope, but Doug happened to be there so I asked him to make the delivery for us. I didn’t want the doctors to wait any longer. 

The following is an excerpt from his newsletter. We are blessed to help each other as we help the people of Belarus.

My comments are in italics.

Could your love create a hospital “happy place”?

If your child is going to get sick in Belarus, Ushachi (pronounced oo-SHAH-chee) may be the best place for it.

Here, 45 miles from the Russian border, friends of New Thing built a beautiful playroom in the regional hospital. (A certificate of thanks to New Thing hangs at the playroom door.)

After New Thing provided the initial construction, MSW helped finish the project by adding the couch, TV, Video equipment, small furniture, toys and video games.

Hospitalization is upsetting for any child, and the child’s parents — but a playroom eases the stress.

Over the past several years, hundreds of children and families have enjoyed this room. The Ushachi hospital serves all ages, and New Thing has supported the staff here for a long time.

Now, we’ve also had the joy of facilitating donations from another group, Music on a Mission (MSW Ministries).

They recently provided urgently needed kitchenware and equipment (shown off by our Response of the Heart leader “The Great Kozovaya”).

And MSW’s Vicki McDermitt spent two years searching for a donated child-sized endoscope. Until now, children needing endoscopic procedures in this hospital either had to go without — or endure the adult-sized scope.

It was our enormous privilege to deliver this critically important piece of hardware on MSW’s behalf. The staff were deeply grateful.

Thank you Doug for delivering this much-needed equipment to the doctors!

Blessings and thanks for your prayers and support,

Vicki McDermitt

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